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TTB-6101 Socketed Thermal Test Board

Accepts TTV-11XX and TTV-12XX Thermal Test Vehicles.

Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Socket hold the BGA Package firmly in place. Also has a top clamp for holding the package in place.

Every ball contact is available for all possible configurations of TTV applications.

Connectors J1 -> J8 provide direct connection to all 480 balls – 60-pin boxed headers mounted on bottom side.

Connectors J9 & J10 are available for custom connection configuration to select TTV contacts by jumper wiring – 50-pin boxed header with connector latches mounted on bottom side.

Diagonal trace keep-out areas provide space for drilling heat sink mounting holes.

Board is 178mm X 187mm.

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Shown with TTV-1103 in socket.

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