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Thermal Test Boards

TEA offers a series of thermal test boards for package characterization and design comparison that conform to to the JEDEC JESD51 standards. The board family, referred to as the TTB-1000 series, consists of two different standard sizes designed to cover a wide range of package sizes. These boards, also referred to as test coupons, provide a well defined mounting environment, will  withstand  temperatures to 125 oC, and have lead lands terminated in eyelets to allow for hand-wired connection to the board edge contacts. The board mates with a dual 18-pin, 3.962 mm (0.156") pitch edge-card connector.

The TTB-1000 series consist of two different standard sizes (depending on package size) and two different thermal conductivities (low and high Keff). Boards are also available for special packages, SEMI standards and specific board characteristics.

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