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MatWeb Materials Database

Engineering Materials Properties Listing

Conversion Calculator for Units of  THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY

Properties of Materials - Metals

Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics

An Alternative Approach to Junction-to-Case Thermal Resistance Measurements

An Introduction to Diode Thermal Measurements (version 6)

Measurement of junction temperature confirms [Laser Diode & LED] package thermal design

Thermal Test Chip Design and Performance Considerations

Practical Considerations in High Power LED Junction Temperature Measurements

Thermal Load Boards – Another Thermal Management Design Tool

Solar Photovoltaic Cell Thermal Measurement Issues

Monitoring Die-Attachment Integrity

Thermal Effect of Die Bond Voids

Thermal Load Boards Improve Product Development Process

Stacked Chip Thermal Model Validation using Thermal Test Chips

Thermal Load Board Design Considerations

Side-by-side comparison of IR & Thermoreflectance using Thermal Test Chip

Thermal design validation techniques

3D Integrated Packaging Approach for High Performance Processor-Memory Module

Laser Diode Junction Temperature Measurement Alternatives: An Overview