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Thermal Test Fixtures

The TTF-100 Thermal Test Frame fixture, with optional second Cold Plate, provides the four boundary condition modes required for the detailed model validation methodology developed by the joint European DELPHI/SEED/PROFIT project. The fixture is also designed as a platform for other thermal environments, such as QJB and QJC, using optional plug-in fixture sections. The Cold Plates have provision for liquid circulation and have built-in temperature sensors. Interface contact force is set by a air-driven cylinder with front-panel pressure regulator and digital pressure indicator. The top and bottom cold plates have individual coolant inputs & outputs, allowing for different plate temperatures. The standard frame has a single flowmeter that can be used for a single Cold Plate or dual series-connected Cold Plates; a second flowmeter is optionally available. A front-panel toggle switch raises or lowers the top plate, with rate of travel in each direction controlled by separate up and down flow controls. A gimbal mechanism on the bottom plate insures parallel interfacing to package surfaces

    Click here for a detailed data sheet (in ".pdf" file format)

    Click here for a description of 4 basic boundary condition modes (in ".pdf" file format)


Ring Cold Plates are designed for insertion into the TTF-100 to simplify Theta JB measurements. Similar inserts are available for Theta JC measurements and Thermal Interface Material (TIM) measurements.


Custom test fixtures are also available for thermal transient, junction-to-case thermal resistance (copper block, fan-cooled copper block or liquid), junction-to-ambient thermal resistance, unction-to-specific application environment, etc.

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