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Thermal Software

ThetaCalc is a tool designed to provide a quick estimate of the temperature and thermal resistance from a heat source to a reference heat sink. It also shows the temperature and thermal resistance value of each layer in the heat flow path. The program can accomodate up to ten layers of different materials of varying dimensions between the heat source and sink. The heat spreading angle can be set independently for each layer to a value between 0 and 45 degrees; the tool will automatically determine if heat flow reaches the layer edge and then convert to columnar flow. The tool comes with a database of more than 20 common semiconductor packaging materials and the user may add additional materials and their thermal conductivity properties, including the conductivity temperature dependency. Completed models may be printed and saved.

The registration process is as simple as 1-2-3:

1) Click on the PayPal icon on the right to pay the one-time registration fee.
2) Start your ThetaCalc program and click on the Register Now button; fill in the requested information and then click on the Submit button.
3) As soon as TEA recieves your registration information and the PayPal payment notification, you will recieve a return email with the Activation Code; enter this code the next time you run ThetaCalc and you are done.

Phone: 650-961-5900
FAX: 650-227-3814
Santa Clara, CA, USA


Click here to download a ZIP file with all ThetaCalc components.

A full unlimited usage, single-computer registration of ThetaCalc is US$25.


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