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Testing Services

Thermal Characterization - TEA offers this service to customers having need for precise thermal parameter values for product data sheets, purchase specifications, specific application configurations, and/or device comparisons. This service is offered for a wide range of Discrete Devices (i.e., Bipolar Junction Transistors, MOSFETs, IGBTs, Diodes, SCRs, Triacs) and Integrated Circuits (i.e., digital, linear and mixed-signal devices). To learn more, please click here to download TEA’s Thermal Measurement presentation.

Please contact TEA to discuss your specific requirements; or

Thermal Conductivity Measurements - This service offers grease, gel, pad, film and phase change TIM measurements as well as conductivity measurement on materials such as metals, carbon fiber, graphite, etc. To learn more, please click here to download TEA’s TIM Thermal Measurement presentation.

Contract Testing - This service addresses the thermal transient screening of medium and large devices lots for die attachment integrity. The information derived from this service is also useful for statistical control of the die/chip attachment process in production applications.

Referee Measurements - This service is offered to resolve difference in thermal test results between two or more parties (customer & supplier, between suppliers, etc.). TEA can review testing procedures of the parties and/or make fully-documented independent measurements on the same devices used for comparison by the parties involved.

If you would like to discuss any of these Testing Services, please contact us by e-mail using the address shown above. You can also use the TEA message response form.

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