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Educational Services

Short Courses - TEA offers one- or two-day courses on the basics of thermal measurement and/or modeling. The courses focus on the practical side of the topics, rather than the theoretical side, allowing the audience to gather information that can be immediately applied. Attendees receive a copy of all course presentation material in bound form, making this material and the attendee's notes a valuble reference tool for future activities in the field.

Lectures - Lasting one to three hours, lectures concentrate on a single thermally-related topic and provide attendees with practical information that can be put to use in a relatively short time. Attendees receive a bound copy of presentation material. companies.

Short Courses and Lectures can be presented either at client company's facility, an off-site location near the client company's facility, or at TEA's facility. Course content descriptions are available upon request. Cost is dependent on location, number of attendees, and content modifications requested by the client company. TEA can also offer open Short Courses and Lectures in central locations if several client companies wish to share the cost or if educational institution(s) and/or professional organization(s) sponsor the presentation.

Measurement Training - Training sessions on Thermal Measurements are divided into two parts - a lecture session to cover the basics and introduce the practical side of the topic and a laboratory session in which the lecture material is applied to actual thermal measurements or modeling examples. The examples can be either generic ones supplied by TEA or specific ones supplied by the client company. Training seesions can be one or more days in duration, depending on the training depth and examples chosen by the client company. Participation in training sessions is limited to a maximum of four client company personnel. Each participant receives bound copies of lecture presentation and reference material. Sessions are held either at client company's facility or at TEA's facility. Cost is dependent on session duration, location, number of attendees, and topic chosen.

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