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Phone: 650-961-5900
FAX: 650-227-3814
Santa Clara, CA, USA


TEA has developed a skilled team of Associates to assist it in serving the needs and requirements of its customers and clients. These Associates are independent business entities that work with TEA on a project basis. Please do not hesitate to contact any of them for projects not related to TEA  activities.

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Consultronix International has been serving the automation needs of the Semiconductor,  Microelectronics and MEMS industries for over 40 years. With proven  experience in the design and development of a wide variety of auto-mated  semiconductor front-end and back-end equipment, as well as semi-conductor related test and instrument-ation systems, Consultronix continues to  provide new and innovative solutions to your equipment and testing  needs.

Consultronix International

10390 Blue Ginger Dr.                                Las Vega, Nevada 89135

Office: (702) 516-1477                     Cellular: (408) 968-7936                         Fax: (702) 974-2284'


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Package Science Services’  mission is to provide best-in-class package engineering services  from concept through mass production of high tech-nology integrated  circuits and related products. Using our extensive inventory of hardware and software tools and  over 25 years experience in micro- electronic and optical package  engineering, PSS can help to provide a solution for a broad array of  design and performance problems.

Package Science Services LLC

3287 Kifer Road Santa Clara, CA 95051

TEL: +1 408 969 2388                              TEL: +1 800 218 1573                               FAX: +1 408 841 7597



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CAD Design Concepts has been specializing in Printed Circuit Designs for over 34 years. And we have seen it all!!

Whatever your printed circuit needs, please give us an opportunity to supply the very best design, service and quality available.

CAD Design Concepts

777 Vermont St.
Gridley, CA, 95948

Tel: 530-712-2923                                    Cell: 530-415-3223 



Semi-Pac has deep technical knowledge of the process and  equipment used in integrated circuit fabrication and pack- aging.  Semi-Pac’s expertise has allowed them to make valuable contributions to  the fab and packaging process. These innovations include process &  system design,  semi- conductor package design, equipment research and  development, equipment modifications and multi- discipline integration  engineering for TAB Tape Automated Bonding, Soldering, Die Attach,  Inter- connect design, Electro- plating, Wafer sawing, Ultra low cost wafer  bumping, Fine pitch wire bonding, Multi-chip packages and systems, Medical devices and systems, Military devices, Airborn telescope detection array mod- ules, and Low cost consumer electronic devices and packages. 


1206 F Mountain View Alviso Rd.
Sunnyvale, Ca 94089
TEL: 408 734-3832
Fax: 408 734-9217